WHAT IS KEEOGO? More Than Walking

More Than Walking

KEEOGO is built with B-TEMIA’s Dermoskeleton technology. It is designed to help those with mobility challenges by enabling independence through support during daily activities.

KEEOGO allows you to move freely, and will help you:

  • Walk farther, for longer
  • Go up and down stairs
  • Sit down and stand up
  • Squat and kneel
  • Stand with more ease for longer

KEEOGO Waits for Your Lead

KEEOGO monitors your lower body position, interprets your intended movement, and then the motors by your knee help you along your way! Keeogo does not initiate any movement, you are in control. Keeogo waits for you to take the lead, then it activates.

KEEOGO Benefits

Stay engaged with family and friends and keep up with the activities and pace of life.

  • Be independent, safe, stable & free
  • Get relief from knee pain
  • Stay active, working
  • Offset the need for a wheelchair

KEEOGO is intended for medical applications such as rehabilitative training and personal assistance.

To use the KEEOGO independently in the community, you should have some ability to walk and maintain your own balance. KEEOGO can be used in day to day life or in a rehabilitation program at a Keeogo certified clinic.

Learn about those with the following conditions that are currently using KEEOGO: