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Who We Are

We help people maintain and regain their autonomy in mobility, and undoubtedly, their quality of life.

Over the years, our team has been pushing the boundaries of the biomechatronical technology towards a new area of applications named “Dermoskeletics”, integrating every single element of the robotics science with artificial intelligence knowledge.

With 10 years of sophisticated work, we have been able to develop a new generation of walking robots to help people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, orthodegenerative conditions and musculoskeletal injuries.

Today, B-Temia offers two products:

  • “KeeogoTM”, an FDA/CE approved medical device for rehabilitative purposes
  • “KSRDTM / OnyxTM”, a human-augmented device for industrial applications

For commercialization for such high-end products, two locations were chosen for the manufacturing, Quebec City (Canada) for the North-American and the European markets and Chongqing (China) for the Asian market.

We know how to enhance human mobility because we master advanced AI and biomechantronical interfaces; THIS IS WHO WE ARE.

We are expert in Dermoskeletics. We know how to interface AI-based devices with the human body. We master the integration of walking robots with human mobility. We just know what we do because each member of the team has decades of specialized expertise in the field of wearable robots for mobility disorders.

We spent years to the assessment of the human gait in every aspects of life. Therefore, we know how to read it and how to analyse it. We have built specific knowledge about how to interact with user’s mobility, all for the benefit of people losing their ability to walk.

We are human-centric engineering experts who dedicate our careers to advancing autonomy in mobility.

Stronger together

Partnerships with world-class enterprises steer B-Temia’s growth.

Since 2017, B-Temia has been closely collaborating with its Asia-based partner “Wistron Corporation” on a corporate level, for the manufacturing of B-Temia’s products, and for the commercialization of KeeogoTM in the Asian territory through B-Temia Asia, a joint-venture duly constituted between the two companies in November 2017.

Since 2016, B-Temia has leveraged the opportunity to team up with the largest defence & security contractor worldwide “Lockheed Martin” for the development and application of B-Temia’s dermoskeletal technology for industrial applications, against the growing problem of musculoskeletal injuries affecting dismounted soldiers and workers in hazardous and heavy-duty environments.

  • Manufacturing

    Our plant follows a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure that every unit produced is in perfect condition and ready for use. We are ISO 13485 certified, and therefore we have procedures in place for the design, development, production, storage and distribution of our products. We are constantly looking for new processes to enhance the performance of our products. Our production line is flexible and can be adapted to all kinds of requests for the customization of your product. We are up to your challenge!

  • Distribution Partnerships

    While pushing the limits of sciences, technologies and more specifically, artificial intelligence knowledge for the development of the second generation of our products, B-Temia is partnering with renowned distributors around the world for the commercialization of KeeogoTM in North America, Europe and Asia, and consequently increasing accessibility to this new technology for people living with mobility disorders.

  • ODM Partnerships

    As well, B-Temia is also collaborating with major players in the field of rehabilitative healthcare industry, aiming at the development and the commercialization of private-label products based on B-Temia’s dermoskeletal technology.

    If you are a key player in the wearable robotic industry, B-Temia can create, develop and manufacture your own product based on our proprietary technology.

For most of our users, KeeogoTM is a game changer in their life. Clinically proven with many peer-reviewed clinical studies, KeeogoTM brings rehabilitative and training effects while being used in a rehabilitative environment. Used for daily activities in the community, KeeogoTM improves the quality and the quantity of their mobility. Patients and users simply can walk longer and better, day after day.

Wear KeeogoTM on a daily basis and you will see that friends and people around you start to change how they see you. They will stop asking “What can’t you do anymore?” and will start asking “WOW! WHAT CAN YOU DO AGAIN?” when they see you with KeeogoTM.

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Customer Service

We provide our clients with complete customer service. We assist them both virtually and in person. When a device is to be returned for maintenance, we loan the client a courtesy device. We also provide training to clinics using our products.

Each acquisition comes initially with a training package for patients using KeeogoTM in the community and a training and certification package for clinicians using KeeogoTM as a rehabilitation device.

With our product:

  • Regain your mobility
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Walk faster, longer and better

Where we are

Over the years, B-Temia has established business entities in specific countries to optimally reach most of the world population. Today, we have entities operating in the following countries.

  • Asia and

    B-Temia Asia

    24 Penjuru Road, #05-02,
    Singapore 609128

    Tel: 6705 6400

  • Japan

    Keeogo Japan K.K.

    Masakazu Kuji
    Akanehama 3-6-2,
    Chiba 260-8722

  • Europe and
    Middle East

    B-Temia Europe

    Hullenbergweg 278-308
    Amsterdam1101 BV

  • Americas

    B-Temia USA

    4780, rue St-Félix unité 105
    St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (QC)
    G3A 2J9