Dermoskeletics: The Science Behind KEEOGO

B-TEMIA’s products incorporate our proprietary dermoskeleton technology.

Dermoskeletons are an advanced class of powered braces/exoskeletons that follow the wearer’s movement, assisting the user as needed.

While typical exoskeletons control the user’s motion (moving them), dermoskeletons follow the user’s body (the user controls the movement). This motion is key to understanding our dermoskeleton technology:

DermoskeletonsTraditional powered exoskeletons
Human moves & device followsDevice moves & human follows
Augments human motionReplaces human motion

The structure and actuators of a dermoskeleton provide strength and support for the user, augmenting their natural motion.

The artificial intelligence in Keeogo can be programed by a trained clinician to cue healthy gait motions and provide performance feedback to the wearer that is specific to their needs.