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Mr. David Quitman

With the solid experience he gained over the last decade in various manufacturing industries, including the medical device industry, David is recognized for his ability to balance regulatory requirements with the challenges of a start-up in the process of becoming a well-established company.

As the Chief Operating Officer of B-Temia, he oversees the optimization of the managing processes leading the company’s maturity based on the corporate strategy.

After graduating in Engineering Physics (Laval University), he joined Stryker Medical as a Quality Engineer and ensured a smooth transfer of the manufacturing operations to another plant abroad. He developed group synergy within ABB analytic division by shifting the mindset from “one department carrying the weight of the impact of Cost-of-Poor-Quality on all operational activities” to “quality is everyone’s business”; and by helping setting up multi-disciplinary groups for each industrial sector thus ramping up time to market, cost optimization. At TSO3, back in medical device industry, David participated to redesigning the business processes in order to enhance the efficacy of operational related processes.

David’s leadership style is about leading through people; he is convinced that a great team generates great results i.e. happy stakeholders including clients, partners, and shareholders.